How to Buy Crypto with Low Fees: A Guide for Cost-Conscious Investors

With good cause, cryptocurrency has grown in popularity as a form of investment in recent years. For many, it is a desirable investment due to its decentralisation, security, and potential for significant profits. To maximise their gains, however, cost-conscious investors must acquire low-cost cryptocurrency. This article will review some advice and techniques for purchasing cryptocurrency with minimal fees.

Select the Appropriate Exchange

Choosing the proper exchange is one of the most crucial steps in purchasing cryptocurrency with minimal fees. Centralised and decentralised exchanges are the two main categories. A business owns and runs centralised exchanges, which provide services like cutting-edge trading tools and client assistance. Decentralised exchanges, on the other hand, provide better anonymity and security and are managed by smart contracts on a blockchain network.

Evaluating and contrasting the costs levied by various exchanges is crucial before selecting one. While most businesses charge a percentage of the transaction amount, some charge a flat payment for transactions. Additionally, some conversations give discounts to traders who trade a lot, while others charge higher costs for transactions using specific payment methods like credit cards.

Employ limit orders

Utilising limit orders is another low-fee method of purchasing cryptocurrency. An order to buy or sell cryptocurrencies at a set price or higher is a limit order. By placing a limit order, investors can avoid the hefty market fees that exchanges may impose.

Investors must first define the cryptocurrency they wish to purchase, the price they are ready to pay, and the amount they want to buy to use a limit order. As soon as a limit order is placed, it will remain in effect until the Bitcoin price hits the specified limit price, which will be carried out.

Avert Exorbitant Network Fees
When purchasing

cryptocurrency, investors should also take network fees into account. The blockchain network that underpins the cryptocurrency levies network fees, which vary based on the volume of activity on the web and the size of the transaction. For instance, higher network fees may result from buying or selling significant quantities of cryptocurrency.

Investors may consider adopting a cryptocurrency with reduced fees, like Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash, to avoid paying hefty network fees. A scaling solution like the Lightning Network, a second-layer protocol that permits quicker and less expensive transactions on the Bitcoin network, is another option for investors.

Utilise a cryptocurrency ATM

Investors can also consider using a crypto ATM to purchase cryptocurrency at affordable costs. Crypto ATMs are becoming increasingly common and provide a quick, fee-effective option to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. While some cryptocurrency ATMs impose a flat price for each transaction, others charge a fixed % fee.

Crypto ATMs have several advantages, but they also have some disadvantages. For instance, they might only be available in a few locations, and the exchange rate might be higher than the market rate because of the fees the ATM operator levies.


Low-fee cryptocurrency purchases are essential for budget-conscious investors wishing to maximise profits. Investors can buy cryptocurrency with minimal fees and reduce transaction costs by selecting the correct exchange, utilising limit orders, avoiding excessive network fees, and considering using a crypto ATM. As always, conducting your study and picking the tactics that suit your requirements and preferences the most is crucial.

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