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ALQO, 'A Liquid Object,' is focused on creating a liquid digital asset ecosystem powered by its proprietary blockchain, FALQON. With FALQON, ALQO aims to ultimately improve upon the status quo of centralized payment networks through the implementation of a decentralized node network powered by the blockchain. Upcoming releases Bitfineon and Payinx, a crypto-and-fiat exchange, and a crypto-to-fiat merchant gateway, respectively, are the first products scheduled for release to support the ecosystem.



Payinx resolves the fiat price volatility issue for merchants who accept crypto payments by allowing them to convert any crypto payment direct to fiat or stable coin. Payinx aims to bridge the gap for traditional retailers interested in serving the quickly growing crypto-paying customer market while simultaneously reducing merchant risk.



Bitfineon is a best-in-class crypto-and-fiat exchange that delivers an uncanny user interface and customer experience and is a centerpiece in the ALQO ecosystem. The team plans to offer OTC, margin and leverage trading, Auctions (an industry first product), and more. Additionally, Bitfineon will make use of a unique revenue sharing program called the Sharepool™️.

The Sharepool™️ empowers ALQO holders who stake their XLQ coins to earn up to 50% of all eligible trading fees collected by Bitfineon. Learn more; watch our brief Sharepool™️ video below.



Our roadmap targets quarterly deliverables for 2020 that include a new and modern wallet GUI with simplified user experience, in-wallet crypto purchases, API integration for Bitfineon, native mobile apps, and more. See below for details.

Q2 Updated UI design of the current wallet (ver 6.4) to showcase new ALQO logo branding.

Q2/Q3 Custom-developed UI for wallet version 6.5: A wallet update that will showcase fundamental additions to the core ALQO wallet and chain, optimizing the wallet for following iterations which will feature Bitfineon API integration of certain products.

Q3/Q4 Bitfineon API integration. This version of the ALQO wallet (ver 6.6) will bring increased functionality of the wallet, providing API integration of buy/sell features, and more (TBD), for customers to experience a seamless buying and selling experience of cryptocurrencies listed on the Bitfineon exchange. More functionality details will be provided at a later date.

Q4 (possible 2021 release) - Mobile Versions: Native mobile apps which provide the functionality of the aforementioned wallet releases, but in a dedicated mobile experience.


FALQON aims to be a fast, scalable, smart blockchain that interacts with 3rd party solutions, providing a smart contracts platform to facilitate instant cross-chain transactions, escrow, and token generation capabilities. Some confirmed features are below.


Atomic Swap

Instantly exchange assets via cross-chain functionality to fulfill contracts. Both DApps and Payinx* will be used to settle transactions.

Light Client

A light client or light node will connect to full nodes to interact with the blockchain. Unlike their full node counterparts, light nodes are not required to operate 24/7 or to interact with the blockchain with constant read/write functionality. In fact, light clients do not interact directly with the blockchain; they instead use full nodes as intermediaries. Light clients rely on full nodes for many operations, from requesting the latest headers to asking for the balance of an account.


FALQON’s ThumbID naming system, which provides easily-readable usernames instead of alpha-numeric wallet addresses, helps make sending and receiving coins easier than ever. Managing your wallet and its sub-accounts becomes effortless. ThumbID will streamline and simplify the transactions process, eliminating any concern from mistyping long legacy wallet addresses.

Smart Contracts

A smart contract and token issuance protocol that is self-executing with specific instructions written on its code which when executed meets certain conditions. Some examples of usage will be the issuance of STO tokens, escrow management, asset & company ownership, term-length funding disbursement, multi-signature, and advanced asset controls, payment settlement, APP & Game integration, and much more.


User writable DApps will be available for the FALQON network. Users can write custom code in a wide range of modern programming languages (Rust, C++, JavaScript) by building their apps with WASM. To further increase network architecture efficiency, a scalable network with Docker will be deployed via instant virtual servers so our network can grow exponentially to support new processes, or shrink and save resources at a moment's notice.

What is ALQO?

ALQO is an experimental digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. ALQO uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network, using a proof-of-stake minting system, combined with masternodes.

Coin Specs

Github Access
  • noneAverage block spacing: 1 minute
  • noneBlock reward: 5 ALQO
  • noneLast Block: 170736
  • noneTotal number of MN: 1223
  • none10,000 Collateral for Masternode
  • noneCoin Circulations: 15213
  • noneAverage Price: 3432
  • noneCoin Cap (BTC): 1231


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